The Kicker (post production)

Feature Documentary

In Post-Production

In the glamorous game of professional football, kickers are the unsung heroes of the gridiron. They are more likely to be remembered for missing a kick than for making one, yet they are expected to walk out on the field cold with three seconds left and split the uprights from 50 yards in a snowstorm… If he makes it, he is the hero for a moment. If he misses, he faces the wrath of an entire city for at least a week, and he may find himself out of a job entirely.

The psychological elements of being a kicker are unparalleled in the sports landscape. With extreme pressure as part of the basic job description, it is no surprise that kickers tend to be cut from a different cloth than position players. These men often have unique personalities with strict training regimens, practice routines and superstitions. This is their untold story.